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If you are starting to worry about your older loved one for whatever reason, including their declining health, physical or mental ability or proneness to falling, home care services could help you keep them safe. Home care agencies like Comfort Keepers provide a wide range of affordable non-medical services that will help your loved one keep their independence and stay at home safely.

On this page we have gathered all the resources you will need to make the right decision for your loved one. Over two decades in this business, we have noticed that in the process of finding the right solution for their parent, most people stumble at starting the conversation about in home care. This is often because independence is a very important concept in our society and many people consider paying for services provided by home care agencies as admitting to the fact that they are no longer independent. Here we provide you with some creative solutions of presenting the problem to your loved one. 

We also offer a wide variety of information for seniors needing either special services or paying for care. For example, if your loved one is a veteran, we provide a brochure that explains the VA-administered program. We also outline services provided to Veterans in their home.

On this page we also go into detail about why participating in your loved one's care is important. Home care agencies can only do so much without your participation. This is not for lack of trying, but you know your loved one the best. You know their history, you know what they have been through, you know what they like. The more you help us with that the better caregivers we can be to your loved one. This is because the best caregiving is about finding what works best for them. If we provide your loved one with the support they need, they will take much better to care, making it infinitely more effective.

We also go into detail about paying for care and legal considerations you should keep in mind going forward. Doing everything you can to prepare for medical emergencies is important and will help take a lot of pressure of both you and your loved one. 


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