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In a perfect world, you would be able to stay home and care for your loved one every minute of every day. You’d be there to make sure he or she eats right, takes medications on time, and gets the care and attention needed to stay safe and happy. But in the real world, this isn’t always possible. That’s where our advanced in home health care technology comes in.

Unlike other systems that use intrusive cameras, our systems rely on small sensors to monitor your loved one’s activities and routines so you get the peace of mind you’re looking for without compromising privacy. These specialized sensors relay important lifestyle information such as room-to-room movements, refrigerator visits, or when a medication box is opened. This helpful data is then used by our team to observe activity trends, monitor safety, and adjust care as needed.

Our advanced in home health care technology can be installed in just minutes and won’t interfere with your loved one’s daily activities. And best of all, once your system is in place, you can use our convenient online family communication center to stay connected around the clock—no matter where you are.   

Our In Home Health Care, Wellness, & Safety Monitoring program includes:

·       Person Emergency Response System (PERS)

·       24-hour emergency response center

·       Personal monitoring, activity, and health sensors

·       Family communication updates whether by text, web portal, or by phone

Additional Technology Options Also Available

If you’re looking to increase your loved one’s safety and security at home, in home health care technology may be right for you. Please give us a call today, we’re happy to answer any of your questions!


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